such simple entrance making mystery of the asking dollar. what is sense when you push for gravy. check it in the clue to select it, if you game the ration properly. let me say, an average asking price does not add up to it. when you trust--is it enough, can you bear this? a friend offering you responses for the long haul. okay, tricky start. what now if all that is offered doesn't count for all that much? i mean if you are already there trying to make sense for someone or something. theres a clear elimination when you are just attempting remission. i'm trying to break free of the funk that has me crossing off exits. somewhere in here there is a reason for me to keep going. somewhere i can find my key to unlock the doors of all the nonsense and cross these barricades myself. see, i look for the answers nobody can find, or rather i lose myself in further damages. i know that certainly certainty has me in certain degrees trusting what cannot be erased about myself, you might not find that you might there are certain limits to how you convey dialog in a ropey trust to get to the point, but i figure myself figuring out all the time, whether it does or it doesn't make sense there is this degree of self that you lose trying to bark at the moon and realizing you are a lone madman with no hope to clue in again, well i guess that's all there's going to be for now. :)